Efficient Preventive Veterinary Care in Newark, DE

Pets age rapidly, and we know you want their precious time spent in our lives to be full of happiness and good health. Being aware of your animal's changing health conditions will help to keep them feeling good through every phase of their life. At New London Veterinary Center, we can provide yearly preventive examinations with a focused, comprehensive approach to ensure your pet has a clean bill of health for the approaching years.

Located in Newark, we proudly serve the furry friends of our local community with pet examinations and wellness plans. We dedicate our services to ensuring your dogs, cats, and pocket-sized pets enjoy a robust lifetime free from pain, discomfort, and illness. Our vet clinic features a passionate team committed to helping every animal who walks through our doors. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


Why Should My Pet Receive a Preventive Exam?

We believe it pays to take a proactive approach to your animal's health rather than a reactive one because many diseases and infections that could threaten your pet's health are easily preventable. After a certain point, many issues become much harder to manage and almost never get better on their own. Early prevention is a key component to the happiness and longevity of your pet. Some aspects of our preventive treatments include:

What to Expect From Our Examinations & Pet Wellness Plans

On a surface level, it may seem like nothing is wrong with your pet, but underlying complications could still be developing. Our thorough pet examinations will work to ensure no dormant or developing conditions are missed or overlooked. We will examine your furry friend from head to tail, running additional bloodwork and fecal examinations for extra thoroughness.

We offer a comprehensive approach to wellness visits so every aspect of your pet's health is covered, and our services are tailored to their unique situation. Our procedures are personalized to your pet based on a number of factors like breed, lifestyle, size, and age. We will treat your senior pets, puppies, kittens, and pocket-sized animals with a gentle, respectful touch.

Some components of the examination process that help our team determine if your pets are healthy include:

  • Our vets will weigh your pet to determine if they're a healthy size based on their breed, lifestyle, and age
  • We will listen to your pet's heart and lungs for signs of irregularities, with the option of an ultrasound examination available
  • Our team will observe your pet's stance, ensuring they aren't putting unnecessary stress on certain joints or bones
  • We will examine your pet's eyes for any redness, cloudiness, or discharge
  • The vet will take a closer look inside your pet's ears for signs of bacterial infection, ear mites, and other potential complications
  • Our team examines your pet's teeth for gum disease or tooth decay
  • We will check the health of your pet's fur, looking for signs of bald patches, dandruff, and rashes or sores

Preventive Pet Examinations FAQ

Preventive measures are very important to your pet's longevity and quality of life. Our friendly team is ready to address your questions and concerns upon your arrival at our office. Some frequently asked questions regarding preventive pet examinations include:

Can I be present during my pet's exam?

Yes. It will mean the world to your pet if they get to see your loving, familiar face as they undergo an examination. The face of their beloved pet parent can bring them comfort and assurance, helping to keep their stress levels down while promoting a smooth process and the safety of our caring team.

Yearly bloodwork is an important component of a comprehensive preventive exam. Testing and examining your animal's blood once per year can determine red blood cell count, informing us if your pet suffers from anemia. It can also help measure organ function, hormone levels, and electrolyte status.

We can provide vaccinations to help your pet stay current on their required shots. If you aren't sure whether your animal is ready for a booster, we will evaluate their status and provide a timeframe for when they should receive their next vaccination.

A Trusted Practice for Preventive Veterinary Care

At New London Veterinary Center, we know that prevention is a key component to your pet's quality of life. Our office is devoted to treating your animals like family while delivering valuable information and paving a clear path for your pet to live a long, healthy life by your side. We strive to prevent health issues and infections from becoming more formidable issues in the future.

We are proud to offer quality pet examinations and wellness treatment plans to our beloved Newark region. It's our mission to preserve and improve the health of your beloved pets so they can continue providing your family with love and loyalty for years to come. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!



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